Good Sharepoint consultants are not easy to find. We know that from experience. Our first consultant developed a system that was un-intuitive and was hard to navigate. Consequently, our staff failed to engage with it, which led to fractured systems that were uncoordinated and inefficient. We wasted a lot of time and money – directly and indirectly – and frankly it was a huge inconvenience to the business. We continued the search for a company that gave us the confidence that they could do something different, and who were also reasonably priced – not an easy task. But we found Dolphin and everything has changed. Andy and his team understand what a business needs – they are business people themselves – and they know how to develop a Sharepoint system that delivers what your business needs. And in fact our system now delivers a lot more than I thought was possible. We are not a huge company but we now have an intranet system that I thought only large companies could have. This means our staff are more engaged with our business, are more informed and up to date as to what is going on, and also have a bit more fun along the way. And everyone now knows where to find the files, tools and information they need to do their jobs properly – which was of course the core reason for developing it in the first place. We would highly recommend Dolphin to anyone looking to develop their Sharepoint environment, or wanting to understand what Sharepoint can actually do for their business.

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